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Hello Alexain2006,

By Pelvic Inflamatory I assume you mean Pelvic Inflamatory Disease?
I know of women who have had this - also known as PID.
If you had it you would probably know it.
PID does sometimes occur after the birth of a baby.
In fact you are at risk anytime the cervix is dialated (such as after a D&C for example).

But if you had PID you would know it. This is a pelvic infection and the symptoms are quite nasty. I had a friend who ended up in the hospital needing intravenous antibiotics.

Your pap seems more of a local trouble.
Have you had a colposcopy and a biopsy of the cervix to get some idea of what this is about? If so what were the results? Certainly after 2 years this would be the first line of diagnostics.

I had an abnormal pap 13 years ago after a miscarriage. I am almost certain the 2 events were related. No testing for bacteria or anything. I was treated with an antiobiotic cream called Cleocin (clindamycin) right away. Following treatment my next pap was normal till the following year when I got it again! I was treated with cleocin again and then my paps were normal for the next 10 years until this year when my results came back ASCUS like yourself.