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I am new here, but I frequent the Lupus and fibromyalgia boards. My daughter is an active 9 year old who played soccer up until her play off games in December. She was kicked twice hard in the ankle during her last game, but didn't complain about it much. A month later (mid-January) she told me her ankle hurt. I saw that it was very swollen on the side, so took her into the doctor immediately. We had x-rays done which showed a strange widening in her growth plate. The orthopedic surgeon immediately suspected osteomyelitis by the x-rays, which was confirmed by an MRI.

Two weeks ago, she had surgery (needle aspiration under sedation) and was in the hospital for 4 days with IV antibiotics. She is allergic to penicillin, so was given Clindamycin every 8 hours. She was sent home with a prescription for 6 weeks of Clindamycin and we were told she should be better soon.

Almost two weeks later, she is in the same amount of pain. She has not been able to walk on her foot for almost a month now (she is on crutches) and she is upset that she cannot play softball. The doctor conferred with the infectious disease doctors and decided to add Cephalexin (Keflex) to the Clindamycin. So now she is on 1,000 mg of Keflex and 300 mg of Clindamycin every 8 hours. I am kind of afraid to give her this much medication. Does this sound normal?

Is anyone here familiar with the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis in children? I am starting to get nervous as she is just not getting any better. Out of the blue, she will be sitting on the couch doing nothing and the pain just hits her. She cannot put any weight on it. The doctor mentioned doing a bone biopsy next if she doesn't improve by next week. I don't want her to have to go through another surgery if she doesn't have to.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.