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Brian, I am sorry I left you a message on Chrissys latest thread before seeing this. gosh my heart goes out to you, I was in that place a couple weeks ago. you my friend are so very important & needed here, you give so freely & so much. I have watched how you have responded not only to Chrissy but to everyone. we can all type in some words but you have that ability of really reaching out there & making a difference with your words, sounds so simple but not everyone can do that.
I told you awhile ago about my experiance with a tooth, gosh, I don't want to ever go through that again, anyway the penacillin would not budge it, so finally the dentist put me on Clindamycin, now I don't know what meds you can take but he made it clear that my infection was not budging & I was in his office so much the guy was calling me in between to check on me, I went in the day before easter morning before his office even opened, he even told me call him easter if the pain escalated, I was worried sick, but this went on about a month or perhaps alittle over, the new antibiotic seem to help with in a few days after going on it. Very strong antibiotic according to the dentist & pharmacist. Just thought I would mention it to you. Hang in there, I felt like I was walking in a nightmare a couple weeks ago & it breaks my heart to think of you being in the same place. you are so needed & I believe Steve has given you excellant advice. Sammy
forget I had dry heaves with that tooth, could not eat for the life of me, I would drink ensure, & after the extraction would just have like frostys from Wendys & let it melt in my mouth, it was better then nothing, the dentist made it clear to my husband that I had to have something in me.