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Okay I have been reading all of the posts from people using Differin with great interest as I have started this particular treatment recently myself. I have had acne since about age 12 and I am 29 now.

My skin is moderate acne. I always have had blackheads around my nose. Every morning when I wake up there is a new pimple, (or two or three) plus a few in the healing process. Sometimes (rarely) I will get one of those monster ones that look like a volcano. I have very fair skin, so I also have a ton of red marks from past breakouts. As I dot on the concealer in the morning, I count the spots and usually have 20 - 35 marks/pimples to try and cover up.

A few things I have noted:

1. Differin (like any other vitamin A retinoid product) doesn't do well with water. It is more irritating to your skin if there is water on it. So I make sure to apply after washing my face and drying extremely well. I then wait 20 minutes before applying moisturizer (which contains water!). This allows the Differin to absorb without mixing with water.

2. Only apply a pea sized amount. I have to wonder some of the people who have had really bad reactions - how much are you using? It is not designed to put a bunch on and rub into your skin, that is using way too much product. A pea sized amount does not even give you enough to rub it in, it's more like dabbing on your face. Using more product does not make you clear faster, but will be quite irritating the more you use.

3. My derm wanted to prescribe Benzclin (benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin mixed), but I asked for Clindamycin lotion instead and just use Neutrogena's On-the-spot 2.5% BP for spot treatment and not putting all over my face. It's much gentler on your skin than using BP all over which is way too irritating. The Clindamycin kills the germs, which helps minimize the initial breakout period, so that is what you are looking for anyway.

So my skin is a tad pink, but not red, easily covered with makeup. And some peeling (which means the differin is working). But the peeling is light and usually comes off in the shower in the morning, so when I go to work it's not too noticeable.

And the ance...well I haven't been on it the full 12 weeks yet, so not sure. I am still getting new spots, but not more than I was breaking out before, so I'm keeping with the treatment. (I figure that if I have been dealing with bad skin this long, then I can keep dealing with it for 12 weeks and maybe it will have a nice payoff in the end.)

So that's my two cents, I invite your comments.

One more thing I have started doing. Or rather, stopped. I stopped looking at my skin in a magnifying mirror!! Nobody else sees you that up close and personal in real life. Why sit there and view every magnified flaw on my skin and obsess and start feeling down? When I'm wearing makeup, it's not that bad and probably not that noticeable, so I am trying to stop the obsession and quit stressing so much about every gosh darn bump on my face.