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UPDATE: I went back to my dentist this morning - she took one look at the swelling along my jawline and gasped. She inspected the swollen area and said that i would have to see an endodontist Asap. Fortunately, they called a colleague and she had an opening today. The endodontist did another inspection and said i needed a root canal because of the crack. She was upfront, which i appreciated, that the tooth may have to extracted, but she wouldn't know until after the root canal and microscopic examinition. She numbed me up and her and the assistant went to work. After she did the the root canal she lanced the abscess and drained it. Unfortunately she informed me that the tooth would need to be pulled because the crack went below the gum line. After the swelling goes down i'll have it pulled and have a a bridge or implant placed. The endodontist gave me a prescription for clindamycin for the infection and hydrocodone for the pain. I'm very satisfied with the endodontist - she explained the procedure completely and made me feel comfortable.