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Ok, so its a big post. I'm a 20 year old Canadian male. I am in university and am NOT a hypochondriac. I have not been to a doctor’s office in 9 years. The following symptoms are a result of not going to the doctor when I should for the last ten years. I don’t like doctors’ offices and don’t go to them except when I absolutely need to. I've got a hell of a lot of symptoms and I'm not even sure they are all related. I'm getting blood work done tomorrow and will see a doctor after that. In the mean time does anyone have any ideas or experience with this type of problems?

-Immense fatigue. (I sleep a minimum of 8 hours per night but can usually not survive even five hours of the day without the overpowering need to go back to bed or falling asleep without meaning to)

-Shortness of breath (Akin to when one has just eaten a very large meal even if I have not eaten at all. Shallow breaths and a lot of yawning).

-Lower and upper back/hip ache. (When I go to bed at night it feels like I just played an entire game of rugby. My lower back and hips and up as high as (and sometimes including?) my kidneys THROB immensely. My shoulders and lower neck feel the same way. When I wake up my back is often stiff and just as painful or worse. If I go to bed feeling not too bad I wake up much worse. I thought it was my mattress so I paid $600 for a good one without any noticeable difference. At times I can’t get to sleep because of the pain and not being able to relive it. Other nights it’s barely noticeable.

-Chest, shoulder, and arm pain. (Sharp knifing pains occasionally pass from my collar bone on the right hand side down my armpit and into my arm, at times reaching my wrist. Pain from my collar bone through my body cavity to the area of my kidney on the right side as well. Chest pain in the muscle on the left side follows the same pattern. At times it is located just above/around/in my heart. They always repeatedly fire for as long as 5 seconds. Hurts enough to cause tears.)

-Light-headed-ness. (If I am lying down then stand up. Or if I exert myself as in climbing stairs at times. Sometimes but rarely it occurs when I am just sitting still. It varies in severity).

-Dizziness. (Related to the above light-headed-ness).

-Trouble swallowing: dysphagia (food stops just above my stomach but after my lungs and may take several minutes to continue through or I vomit it back up. Could be related to “chest pressure” listed below?)

-Stomach/lung pressure. (When I lay on my chest or my back I feel unusual pressure between my upper stomach area and the lower right side of my left lung. Sometimes its like the left side of my chest is more full than it should be. It is something that I have only started noticing the last 2 or so months. It is disturbing enough that I often avoid sleeping on my back or chest).

-Lung pain. (When I breathe deeply I occasionally get a searing pain in the lower right side of my right lung or the right side of my left lung).

-Heavy heart beat. (Not a racing heart. More like an old car going up a hill that is just too big. Large hard thumping sometimes for much more than an hour at a time. Like as if I had been running and my heart was pounding hard but for some reason not fast. Usually occurs when I’m sitting down doing nothing without apparent triggers.

-General full upper body aching. (24/7 sore muscles, kidneys, stomach, whatever. Like I worked out but I don’t and its inside too. It doesn’t matter if I’m sitting, lying or standing. Ache, ache, ache…)

Not sure if this is applicable but:
-Muscle twitching. (Many years ago (perhaps 10 or 12) my right eyelid would twitch randomly. Eventually (5 years ago?) it spread to my right cheek. In the last six months I have experienced uncontrollable twitching in my left pectoral muscle, left bicep, and left forearm.

And as a side note:
-Sensitive Kidneys. (I was on the maximum allowed dosage of Clindamycin by way of IV for 3 Trouble swallowing (food stops just above my stomach but after my lungs and may take several minutes to continue through or I vomit it back up. Could be related to “chest pressure” listed below?)4 days and then 300mg orally for a week last October to treat a throat/lymph gland infection that threatened to spread to my blood. It absolutely destroyed my intestines (diarrhea, hemorrhoids, bloating, etc) for several months though I am back to normal now. My kidneys have been immensely sensitive to touch and pressure ever since. I think it may be a side effect because I was never like that before in my life.)

I started experiencing some of the symptoms about two years ago but in the last year it has become detrimental and the last 5 or so months everything has gotten much worse. I do not always feel this way but the vast majority of the time I do. I do not always feel all of the symptoms in the run of a day thank god, but at times I have.
I do not suffer from any form of depression and have far above average grades in university. I love my life. I think I'm going crazy :dizzy: