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Lori, so sorry it took me so long to reply, I must have said something wrong on another thread and they banned me for a while, To answer your question, I was on IV antibiotics as soon as my infection was discovered,Vancomycin and Rocephin in Hospital the first time and came home with pic line and Rocephin IV 1 time a day for 6 weeks and then Flagyl oral for about 2 months, ended up back in hospital with elevated blood levels again. Then the second pic line with Cleocin IV 3 times a day. Vanco while in hospital but they take it away when I go home, I feel better when on it,even told the doc this but he said to do Cleocin for 8 weeks then 3 months on oral Clindamycin. My sed rate was up to 48 on my last visit and he told me to stop antibiotics for 1 month to see what happens.I stil am having pain and other symptoms and had blood drawn today and I see doc on the 30th so we will see what happens next!!!! I( hope this finds you infection free,Please feel free to ask me anymore questions, Good luck and God Bless, Rick