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  1. 9 year old with chronic osteomyelitis in ankle bone (distal fibula)
    ... antibiotics. She is allergic to penicillin, so was given Clindamycin every 8 hours. She was sent home with a prescription ... for 6 weeks of Clindamycin and we were told she should be better soon. Almost ... doctors and decided to add Cephalexin (Keflex) to the Clindamycin . So now she is on 1,000 mg of Keflex and 300 mg of ... Clindamycin every 8 hours. I am kind of afraid to give her this...
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  2. Osteomyelitis of jaw and pregnant, please help
    ... brand name of Flagyl). Also, not sure if you've taken clindamycin , but that one is sometimes used for anaerobic infections...
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  3. Osteomyelitis + undetermined pathogen
    ... infections on my legs. Each outbreak was treated with Clindamycin successfully. Hadn't had a staph infection for about...
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  4. cronic vertebrael osteomyelitis
    ... 26-02 on IV Cleocin for 9 more weeks,then to oral Clindamycin until last Wed. 7-2-03, still my sed rate is 49,should...
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