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Hey Sillygirl. Owie! I had TMJ probels when I was 19 and I remember that pain so clearly *still*, and I'm 39 years old now. The headaches were horrible from it too! I had my teeth equilibrated, and that solved the problem for me. I can only imagine what you have and still are going through. I am so sorry. Doc's can be idiots can't they. Sheesh.

Prolotherapy is where they inject dextrose into a tendon or ligament. The process produces a non-surgical tendon, ligament and joint reconstruction by taking advantage of the body's own healing methods.
Injecting the ligament or tendon causes a localized inflammation in these weak areas which then increases the blood supply and flow of nutrients and stimulates the tissue to repair itself. It causes the tendons and/or ligaments to become stronger in the end. It is a series of injections, and unfortunately, it does cause more pain before it heals the pain. It might sound barbaric, but ligaments and tendons do not heal well on their own because of their lack of blood supply. The injection therapy works through the body's own healing mechanisms to rebuild the weakened ligaments, tendons and joints. The controlled irritation of the injection technique causes a dilation of the vessels in the treated area and this aids the accumulation of the fibroblasts which produce the new protein tissue. Persons that may benefit from the therapy frequently have one or more of the following symptoms or conditions:
**arthritis in any joint in the body
**any popping, grinding, clicking, or snapping in a joint (all of these are signs of joint loosening and instability)
**any joint which is only partially helped by osteopathic or chiropractic adjustments/manipulations (or when adjustments or manipulations help but don't hold) .
**manipulation frequently makes big improvements quickly. If prolonged manipulation is necessary this is an indication of joint instability and injection reconstructive therapy may be helpful.
**any musculo-skeletal problem which has failed with surgery and other methods
**any condition which is helped by a brace, splint, crutch, walker, lift or wheelchair. People that need these aids frequently have weakened or lax joints.
**deep aching which is alleviated some by constantly changing positions
**symptoms of decreased strength and endurance
**increased pain with increased activity (swimming, biking and walking may be exceptions)
**various conditions such as osteoporosis with compression fractures, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and spinal defects such as scoliosis and slipped spine
**any joint which swells chronically may be a candidate for resolution with this therapy. Swelling may be an indication of chronic friction from instability
**any joint, tendon, ligament, cartilage, for which cortisone, Indocin, Nalfon, Clinoril, Feldene, Motrin or other anti-inflammatory drugs has been used may respond to reconstructive joint injection therapy
conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff tears and temporal mandibular joint dysfunction may also respond to joint reconstruction injection therapy because joint, ligament, tendon, disc and cartilage weakening are involved

Hi Mirn, I am glad that you have found some relief, though I wish it was more than 50%. Having injections in your RSD site can really trigger *bad* flare-ups (it happened to me before), and I have read on several sites that it is not recommened that you do inject RSD sites.

However, I am battling tendonitis in my right elbow, and it is aggravating the RSD in that arm and hand to the point that it is hindering what I can and can not do more than before. I did let my doc's PA inject me with steroids through a very small needle. It did help for a few days. I did too much too soon and screwed it up again. I had another injection after I banged my elbow on the door of my truck while getting out of it on my way to go see my doc. I begged him to put lots of marcaine in it as my pain level was way beyond a 10 at the time. It didn't help for long, but it did stop the pain, but it still hurt when the local wore off (but not as bad as it did before the injection thank heavens!).

I am also considering prolotherapy to see if it will heal the tendonitis. It is aggravating my RSD badly, and is really hindering what I usedtacould do (that's a friend of mine's word - used-ta-could, lol). Typing even irritates it. If the prolotherapy causes a bad flare-up, hopefully I can have an "emergency" epidural infusion to stop the pain. I need to discuss it more with my doc, and I see him about it on Thursday.

I can not say that if you have a steroid injection that it will help you or not. It might , or it might make your pain worse. I have had an injection that caused a BAD flare-up before. OMG it hurt and it wasn't fun at all!! That's why I had my first epidural infusion. Whether or not to have an injection or anything that might cause a flare-up or whatever is a personal choice that only that one person can make, based upon their circumstances and choices. It is never easy to make those decisions. Sometimes you regret making them, sometimes you don't. I wish I could help you more, but I really can't. I do wish you the best of luck in which ever you choose.

I'll be keeping you in my prayers.