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Thank you for responding. I must address a few things you brought up in your reply, however.

My husband only ruptured his disk in April of this year, and at first the doctor didn't give him anything for the pain except a muscle relaxer, Robaxin I believe. Well, that didn't do a thing for him. He went a month without taking anything and finally I told him he needed to get something to help deal with the pain, he couldn't keep going on like this...and neither could I. He wasn't sleeping hardly at all due to the pain and he was a complete jack ***, too. :D Of course I know it was due to him being in extreme pain. So finally, in the middle of May, his doctor presribed him Ultram and Clinoril.

Now, my husband has only been taking this since the middle of May, so it hasn't been very long. Just in the last couple weeks his pain levels seem to be subsiding, so he figured he really didn't need to take the Ultram anymore and wanted to get off of it. It was when he tried to get off of it that he started having these withdrawal problems.

My husband has NEVER, EVER been a drug taker, other than maybe Advil for a headache. He has NEVER been addicted to anything. He has never used Heroin or anything like that. The only other time he took any pain meds was after his cornea transplant surgery a couple years ago, and that was only for a day or two, he took Vicodin and had no problem with that drug. The only problem he had was it knocked him out. Luckily, he only needed it for a day or two anyway so it wasn't a big deal.

The doctor prescribed him Ultram because my husband asked him for something that would help with the pain, yet not knock him out on his butt-you know, so he could still function, and go to work. My husband can be knocked out on his butt by as little as a Benadryl...he literally has no tolerance for these kinds of things, because he has never been a drug user!!!!

So, what he's finally decided to do is to go back on the Ultram, but wean off of it slowly. He was taking one pill 3 times a day, now he's taking a 1/2 pill, 3 times a day. Then next week, he's going down to a 1/2 pill, 2 times a day. Hopefully that will work better than just stopping abrubtly.