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Hi Dave, thanks for your detailed response. I wish I had a dr who could explain things like you do. I wish I could find more adjunctive meds that really work for me. I've been in chronic pain for about 5 years now. At first I was dx'd with fibromyalgia and we tried many meds - ultram, naproxen, relafen, clinoril, cymbalta, neurontin, gabatril, flexeril, skelaxin, zanaflex. Unfortunately, I seem to be sensitive to the side effects, especially nausea. The muscle relaxants worked well for the pain but made my liver enzymes go up after less than a month so I had to stop taking them. One that works for me is Lyrica, which I still take when the pain gets bad, but it has caused me to gain weight. I tried Topomax but it left me feeling depressed and didn't address the pain all that well. I guess I am getting a bit frustrated :rolleyes: Do you happen to know of any others that you've heard work well?

This is my second trial with oxycontin. The first time I became tolerant quickly - was at 80mg tid plus 3+ breakthroughs a day. I switched to Ms Contin, then to Avinza where I ended up at 120mg twice a day. I've gone back to Oxycontin in the hopes of taking a lower dose (after hearing over and over again from my endocrinologist how my dose of Avinza was very high and I need to lower it since it is adversely affectly my endocrine system)
I don't know what to do. I guess I was trying to decrease my overall opioid pain med use. I am so fed up - I am getting a lot of pressure from my drs (except my PM doc) to lower my pain meds. Only my PM doc seems to understand that I always take as little as possible, and then it's to manage the pain, not eliminate it. Sorry, don't mean to whine here. Thanks again for listening,