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I am new to this site and have learned so much already. I am 2 weeks post op L5-S1 laminectomy. In addition to the herniated disc I also had a 3 cm X 3 cm piece of the disc which broke off completely and was "free floating". [removed] so I am on Workmens Comp. I hear they try to force you to return to work quickly and I don't think I am ready. I see my doc on Tuesday and will start PT soon but I am still having the same pain as before surgery. Buttock, thigh and calf pain, although it is intermittant now and not constant, along with the same numbness in my toes. They said I may be able to return to sedentary work after a "few weeks". I am still rotating sitting, standing, walking and laying throughout the day and still on Clinoril and Darvocet. When are most people returning to work post laminectomy?:confused: