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Hello everyone.

I have a question about a comment my rheumy made at my last appointment. I'm on plaquenil and doing well with that. It's really helped me. I don't take NSAIDS everyday, although my rheumy has prescribed clinoril (sulindac) which has worked well, too. My labs all look good right now, at least the basic ones that get run yearly or so in people with SLE. She commented "your lupus looks like it's under control" right now. However, I still have a lot of joint pain in my fingers, which I realize could be better treated by taking daily NSAIDs, and I'm really struggling with fatigue right now. So how does that jive with my lupus being clinically "under control"? Sorry if this question may not make sense...can we look good under a microscope but still feel yucky?

Just wonderin'...