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I just got back from my Rheumatology appt. Apparently my MRI and X-rays weren't significantly different than before although my symptons are worse. Go figure. :confused:

Anyway - she said it looked like I had some slight facet arthritis at L5/S1 area as well as some slight disc bulges in a few places. She did some additional evaluation, but ultimately said she wanted me to take an anti-inflammatory drug called Clinoril.

It just seemed weird that after PT, MRI's, EMG, x-ray, ESI's over the past 4 years to deal with this issue that getting an rx for NSAID's at this point seemed like a casual response.

I did ask if sitting (which is when I get the crazy radiating pain down my leg) for an MRI would net a different result, rather than laying down and while she nodded with a "perhaps/maybe"... She also said that they "stick with the process in place, which is the traditional MRI. That is what they're used to working with and what they know".

I'll be picking up my RX today and will also get a copy of my MRI and X-rays for myself. :) I will be curious to see if the Clinoril makes a difference.

Thanks for listening.