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I don't usually get fatigue from arthritis meds, I'm currently on Orencia, MTX, folic acid and Clinoril. Prednisone made me hyper (to say the least) - although, prednisone can cause just about anything.

It's the RA itself that causes me extreme fatigue.

I started having little 2-3 min episodes of nausea at 7/2.5 a week. I'm holding at 7, I still get mini episodes of nausea, even when I was on leucovorin for awhile. The hair loss started right away but I was probably ripe for it - I was subclinical hypothroid back then. I was dx autoimmune hypothyroid a few months ago. Now, hypothyroid - that really made me fatigued. That was brutal fatigue, I thought RA was bad.:yawn: