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Yes it does sound like OA and weight loss is the best thing for the knees - I'm in the same boat, it's lose weight or have knee replacements.:(

I'm trying but it's hard because I can't exercise, even walking to the mail box and back is an Olympic event! I'm thinking of trying aerobic swimming classes, it's suppose to be easier on the joints.

A very soft fluffy pillow under your worst knee can help keep it "out of the way", almost like a brace. Do what feels most comfortable for you.

I have juvenile chronic polyarthritis (I'm 40) so my meds are a little different. I can't say right now that any of them are working. I take Clinoril as my anti-inflammatory. Which NSAID works for you really is individual. Keeping trying till you find one that works.

I gave up on the quackier stuff years ago. If I had back all the money I spent on creams, juices, diets, patches, pastes and magical herbs, it'd be like winning the lottery.;)