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:angel: my name is Jennifer and im 31 yrs old . but at the time i was 28 yrs old and was having knife stabbing,doubling over pains in my right side . my dr took a scan and a MRI of my abdomen,just to find out i had an Ovarian Mass on my left Ovary, the pain on my right side was deferred from my left side .The Ovarian Mass was actually an Ovarian Tumor,which was the size of 6x9x6cm(the size of a small potato). so they removed my Left Ovary, it turned out to be i was diagnosed with stage 1 Ovarian Cancer.which is the earliest stage of cancer that can be detected by an ultrasound.i was very lucky i did not have to go thru any chemo or radiation. this all took place in 2001. then in 2002 i had to have my left Tube removed, cause it was very much inflammed. here it is 2004 and i am TTC my husband's and my 1st child and i had to go on Clomid ,cause i don't ovulate every month , only every other month.
so my prayers are with you and hope all is good for you !