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Hi! :wave: I'm PrincessSweetNS (read it like Princess Sweetness..understand it? :D) My story isn't all that long, but I'm hoping and praying for a happy ending...for all of us. :)

I got married to the man of my dreams. When we got married, we already knew we wanted babies. Not just one or two, we want about five or six!!! :bouncing:

So we got started right away.

But.... ever since I first got my period (13 years old) I knew I wuodl have trouble. My period would not only not come regularly, it would miss six or seven months at a time. And when I DID get my period, it woudl last for weeks and sometimes even months. :dizzy:

I went to an obgyn, but she absolutely nothing for me. She could only keep repeating her sick mantra that I was young, I had plenty of time to get things sorted out.

After years of treatment and one particularly eventful appointment in Fall of 2007, I decided "No more." I wanted to be proactive with my BFP. It had already been over a year since first TTC.

I knwo go to a wonderful obgyn, who is an absolute angel. The first visit, he tol dme that I sound liek I have PCOS. To confirm, he set up a bloodwork and ultrasound. He got that done right away. As soon as the tests came back, he called me in and confirmed what I believed. I have PCOS.

Right away, he booked me in a for a surgery to remove a polyp (which had been causing me to bleed heavily for seven weeks) test if my tubes were clear (all clear) and ovarian drilling.

Right now, DH and I have decided to try naturally for a few months before trying Clomid. I am supplementing that with a very healthy lifestyle and acupuncture. :angel:

I'm praying for my sticking BFP by the end of this year. And I also pray for my IF sister, without whom I would still be sitting in a corner crying. Thank you ladies, thank God for you. :angel: