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I am now 30, and DH is 40 (41 in March). DH has Type 1 Diabetes and retrograde ejaculation, and was unofficially told he was sterile many years ago. I went on depo-provera shots when I was 21 to help with my severe cramps when AF started, and continued taking them for 8 years because I liked not having a period (and no cramps!). On my 29th birthday I had a dream I had a baby, and I couldn't shake that feeling, it was so wonderful. I kept this to myself for a month, and when I still couldn't shake the feeling, I finally told DH I wanted to have a baby now. I was so scared, because "we weren't going to have kids", we'd told it to our entire families numerous times. It took a couple more months for DH to become comfortable with the idea, so at my Feb. 07 OBGYN visit, I did not take my next depo shot, and asked the Dr. what DH and I needed to do. We were referred to an RE and I was scheduled for an HSG.

March 2007 - HSG, tubes clear, very uncomfortable during the procedure, no problems after. 1st AF arrived about 10 days after HSG, I really think it helped kick-start my system after 8 years of b/c.

May 2007 - Met with 1st RE, DH given a prescription of Imiprimene to help strengthen his nerves to help with the retrograde.

June 2007 - DH gave 1st S.A. 3% good motility, 27% moderate motility, RE would like the combined %'s to be over 50%.

July 2007 - DH gave 2nd S.A. Results slightly worse, told we would have less than 10% chance of success w/IUI, so we were told to move on to IVF.

DH was nervous to move so quickly, and wanted to try on our own while he still took the Imiprimene, along with Fertility Blend for men. We made a deal to try for the rest of the year, and then go back for IVF. No luck. I decided to change RE's when I started to have some billing conflicts, and I never really liked the office staff. DH liked the RE a lot, but he also didn't like the office staff.

January 2008 - Consultation with 2nd RE. Both DH and I really liked everyone at the office.

Jan. 25, 2008 - DH gave 3rd S.A. 100% non-motile sperm. Immediately did research and found info. that said non-motile does not necessarily mean dead. RE called Jan. 30th and recommended PESA for DH, there was still plenty of hope (I sure hope so!)

Feb. 5, 2008 - I gave blood for FSH and E2 levels testing.

Feb. 7-11, 2008 - Clomid Challenge, 100mg day 5-9.

Feb. 12, 2008 - Blood draw scheduled to check out how Clomid worked.

Feb. 14, 2008 <3 - Sonohystogram (sp?) and mock transfer.

~~Tentatively scheduled for e/r the week of April 20th. I'm taking this as a good sign as this is our 7th Anniversary! I will keep this posted, and wish everyone to achieve their BFP's very soon! Baby Dust to all!!!