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I'm 37 and Dp is 32. We had been trying for a baby for 7 years. Through numerous drugs - clomid, tamoxifen and all the rest, it was still unsuccessful.

2 years in October we were referred and had our appointment for our 1st IVF. In December, just before I was called up to see the Doctor, they asked me to do a pregnancy test (just to make sure I wasnt pregnant). By some miracle!!! I had actually fell pregnant naturally after all those years. The joy was amazing. Devastingly when I was 24 weeks pregnant I was told at a scan that unfortunately my baby did not have any kidneys and therefore would not survive once he was born. We had a beautiful baby boy who we called Findlay. It was devastating. We buried him at a beautiful childrens cemetry which we still go over every week.

September past, we were again up at Hospital to start IVF. At Egg collection they got 33 eggs from me and when fertilized we got 24 embryos. Due to me getting OHSS, we had to freeze the 24.

I started down regging in January this year, to start getting ready for FET. My legs are what can only be described as a pin cushion!! Anyway, when I went up last week, I now have 2 large cysts which have developed. I was sent away with a course of tablets to bring on a period. Am back up at Hospital tomorrow to hopefully see that the cyst has reduced or disappeared and we can yet again start on FET. Ax