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I've never actually joined a site like this before so this is all new to me, although I am hoping to get to chat to someone in similar circumstances as my own.

Briefly, by way of background I was told I'd PCOS last year after asking to be tested. The only indication that I had was that I was so irregular & could go anything from being regular for 3 months to nothing for 6 months. No pattern whatsoever. Once diagnosed with PCOS after my doctor did a blood test, scan and a laboscopy, he prescribed Glucophase and Clomid. I started the Glucophase immediately and think I’d taken 1 course of the clomid for the 5 days and was delighted to find we were pregnant; unfortunately we miscarried at 8 weeks.

We’ve been TTC ever since with no joy. I’m still on the Glucophase but I’m also still irregular so I only get to take the clomid when ever I have a period which is now every 2nd month or so. As far as I know and please correct me if I’m wrong here, but the Clomid is the drug which stimulates ovulation? I don’t know if I’m coming or going, if I’m ovulating or not or even if I should be on these drugs this long…. Are we TTC to often or too little… I just don’t know… Is there a test that I can do to see if I’m ovulating while on Glucophase and clomid… I’m getting very disillusioned, and I know a year is only a short time compared to most, but like all of you I want this more than anything…

I have PCOS also and when I was TTC my doctor also put me on clomid and I also became pregnant round 1 and miscarried. Anyway you should buy the ovulation predictor tests, similar to pregnancy tests except they can tell you when you are ovulating while taking the clomid. I believe you take the clomid for 5 days wait 5 days then begin testing and when you are ovulating then you have intercourse in hopes of getting pregnant.( I would check with your dr on the specifics because it's been 4 yrs since I was on clomid) My doctor told me that they would only keep me on the clomid for 3 rounds then I would have to stop. Luckily I became pregnant with my son on round 3 (highest dose), but I have a lot of complications with my pregnancy. I hope this helps. Also if your periods are really irregular ask your doctor for medication that will induce menstruation so that you can take the clomid. My doctor did that for me and the only time I was ever regular was while taking the clomid so after the first couple rounds I pretty much had it down as to when ai would ovulate. Makes it a lot easier.

Many thanks for the reply. It’s always good to read a success storey. Since last week I've had a period and bought the ovulation test kit – so fingers crossed. We've also met with my Dr. who is referring us to a clinic that deals specifically with infertility. He feels that having been on the Glucophase and Clomid for year now its time to look at the nest step. He speculated that FSH and or IUI may be the next logical step. Unfortunately it could be July / August before we get an appointment. That said overall myself and my husband are both feeling a lot more positive this week and although there is a wait for the appointment we’ll continue TTC till then. You never know… Sometimes I guess it’s just hard to be positive particularly when all your friends & other family members seem to be either having babies or announcing they are expecting, not that I’d begrudge anyone, its just hard sometimes….