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It was very helpful reading all your stories-thanks for sharing. I had a coloscopy and 2 polyps removed after having an abnormal pap. I went in for my yearly and also we want baby#2 and were not having luck-my first was a clomid baby so I though I will just take that pill again.

TO my surprise the polpys , cyst and abnormal pap were found. The polyps were benign. The results of biopsy came back HIGH abnormal. I was told to have the LEEP next week.

I was also told I have HPV-no test was done although I asked for one to know for sure (although they can come back negative I hear) I am kinda freaked out about having an STD..my doc said she treats me as if I have HPV since 95% or more abnormal cells in women have HPV...
I am married for 10 yrs (faithful marriage) so I guess I got this a LONG time ago...hard to believe.

Anyhow, my biggest question is do I got into the hospital and go under for the LEEP OR do it with a block in doctors office. My doctor is pushing for me to do it in the office-I am a whimp and want ot go under but hate going under as well. After my polyps removal last week and the coloscopy I got bad headaches and nausea and very bad contractions of the uterus..it is just getting better. It was no fun. Then just the last two days I got a very bad pain in one breast..its so sore...like when I was pregnant way back when. Anyone else ever have that breast pain? Did any of you have the HPV test to find out the DNA of the HPV?

Just wondering how many had outpatient in a hospital vs in a docs office. Does it hurt to get the block/needle?

Its a scary thing..but at least there is much more awareness now and we all get our paps regularly! I too am nervous it will come back and we want to have a baby quickly...

Wishing all of you well and keep writing in-its a great thing for us all