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Afternoon All,

My questions are really, primarily of a urological nature, but as I've received no response on that board, and as the question certainly involves the altering of hormones, I thought (hoped) my luck would be better here.

I was recently prescribed Clomid by my urologist as a last ditch, hail-mary attempt to treat (or at least improve) my (total) erectile dysfunction. In short, I'm 28 years old and never been able to "get it up." I'm quite healthy otherwise (no accidents, drug use; I'm even an amateur bodybuilder), rather been diagnosed with a congenital venous leak that renders me physically incapable of acheiving an erection better than 50 - 60% and for more than perhaps 20 seconds - regardless of the drug swallowed or injected to get things going.

As a component of the myriad tests I've undergone in the past couple years, I had my testosterone levels checked. My "total" testosterone level came back as "500..." in the range of normal, but for a healthy 20-something, certainly on the low side. My urologist then, only at my suggestion, and again for lack of any treatment options left, prescribed me 50mg/daily of Clomid, and to be taken until I'm boosted into the upper range of normal. When that number is reached (whatever it is), we'll review, and see if anything's changed in my body's ability to respond.

All that background babble out there, my questions for the board are:

1. Anybody (men specifically) been prescribed Clomid for similar or vaguely similar reasons (e.g. low test, urological trouble, etc.)?

2. If so, what happened? Did the treatments improve your ailment in any way (e.g. improved erectile function, libido, etc.)?

3. Did you experience any negative side effects from the medicine? Specifically I'd ask if hair loss was an issue...I have a full head of hair at the moment, but also a strong mother's-side history of male baldness at young ages. Would the Clomid possibly "awaken" this propensity?

I haven't started the pills yet, pending an appointment with an endocronolgist and for a second opinion. Sincere thanks in advance for advice from anybody.