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I Also Had Heel Problems And My Legs Felt Wore Out Due To Being A Waitress(night Shift At Times). Alot Of Nights I Would Almost Cry Because I Was Sooooo Tired. If Soaking In The Hot Tub For 30 Min Or Longer Didn't Work, I Would Stand Along The Wall Just To Get Some Kind Of Sleep. I Took Requip For A Couple Of Yrs Then Changed To Mirapex About A Month Ago. Clonazepam Was Added As Well While Taking Requip. I Started Having Side Effects And Did Not Like The Spacey Feeling W/clonazepam.my New Docs Changed The Meds. Being Weaned Off Of Mirapex And Starting The New Med Has Took Me Back To The Pre Feelings Of Rls Cold Turkey!! It Will Take A Couple Of Weeks To Rebuild The Dose. I Do Stop Caffine Or Sugary Things Approx At 2:00pm. For Me I Can't Go To Bed On A Empty Stomach. Pretzels Or A Piece Of Bread Seems To Help. Alway A Glass Of Ice Water Because The Meds Make Me Thirsty. When I Am Overly Tired It Is More Difficult For Me As Well. It Has Moved To My Arms Also.

Hope This Helps!
P.s. My Doc Started Me On Slow Fe Iron. He Said I Was Enemic. Iron Plays A Part In Rls. Your Muscles Need Good Blood Supply Flowing To Keep Them From Drawing Up(twitching)etc.