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I have taken neurotin now for about six months. I started slowly and am now up to 600mg. three times a day. I also take clonazepam .5 mg. twice daily, effexor, 75mg. at bedtime (makes me really sleepy).

My problems - permanent l4-l5 nerve damage, chronic back pain, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease. Bladder issues from nerve compression.

Mobility with a cane with foot brace. (Not the fashion accessories I'd envisioned for my 40's or the rest of my life.) But may better than the chair.

Two surgergies - l4 discectomy in March of 2000. L5-S1 discectomy and l4-l5 laminectomies in October of 2001 (was not able to walk by that point). Spinal fluid leak complications. Crappy crappy year.

Anyways.....side effects I've noticed....

- dizziness/unsteadiness
- blurred vision

I really feel like it lowers my IQ by about 50%. I've timed it to the times I take the drug. From about one hour after for three to four hours I'm just in lala land. Couldn't read a telephone number out of the phone book without a magnifying glass if my life depended on it. Then....it's almost time to take it again and my body is now telling me when it's time (addicted now - probably). Tried to take to my doctor on my last visit and just got a smart remark that it's perhaps my organic use. I tend to disagree. Then I heard about all of his problems - he's a new doctor in this area, all of his patients are complicted, he has had to hire extra staff, not the kind of general practice he had envisioned....and he walked away. What a productive appointment that was. The purpose of my appointment.....to make sure he had make some referrals to specialists he was suppose to. Had he - NOT. Booked another appointment for early in the new years to follow up again. Man this guy's not the doctorI was looking for but around here your have little choice.

Now I'm rambing.....anyways that is my experience. I would recommend you read up on the drug....lots of information on the net....medscape has some good info.

Here hoping you all some pain free moments.