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Thanks, kids.

My doctor mention alpha-blockers and a few minutes later I asked what he knew about clonidine. He said it was a benzodiazepine. I didnt feel likke arguing but I think he was thinking of clonazepam... :rolleyes:. I said, some people are taking are taking it for HBP and he said, yeah, maybe it would lower pressure.

Why he hasn't yet been strangled in his office is a mystery to me.

I could do with something sedating at night if it would replace half or more of my HZTZ (now 50 mg...and ALL that I take for BP since I've decided my losartan was adding NOTHING good to the picture.)

Maybe my cardio will have a better idea about clonidine for me. I have a referral in hand and will see him after I deal with the true horror of life: THE DENTIST! :eek: :eek: