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:bouncing: [FONT=Tahoma]When I logged back in, it told me I hadn't been here since 03/05/05. Well, since then, I have a "real" diagnosis (not just my self diagnosis) from my neurologist. I also have meds - Mirapex for the restless legs and clonazepam for sleep. After my LOW ferritin level, I also have ferrous sulfate. I had a nearly immediate relief once I started the Mirapex. I am hoping to soon be not always tired, drained, and only wanting to "crash" when I come home from work. Maybe I won't always be so easily irritated, either. Persist in pursuing your diagnosis and treatment. It is worth it. Thanks for the support and encouragement you guys gave me last month.

cat mom (Candy)[/FONT]
I am very happy you have found something that works for your rls. My mom suffered with rls for years, not anymore. She takes 2 clonazepam tablets at bedtime and it works for her. She wakes up feeling rested.

I also take clonazepam (min. dose) & effexor (anti-depression capsule) (min. dose) for 5 years now. They have helped my depression and anxiety and have also helped me rid myself of pulsatile tinnitus (heart beat noise in my right ear) for 80 to 90% of the time. I take 1/2 tablet of clonazepam in the am with coffee (so I won't be drowsy) and the other 1/2 before bedtime (without coffee) and I've had great sleeps for 5 years now, no bad dreams and I too wake up rested and ready to start my day. If you take the proper dose of medication, suited to your ailment; you just feel normal, like you should, not drugged.