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My mom suffered with restless legs syndrome, where you just can't keep your legs still in bed. She does not suffer from it anymore because she is on a medication that really works for her. Clonazepam (anti-anxiety tablets). She takes 2 at bedtime and she sleeps really well and wakes up feeling rested.

I also take clonazepam and effexor (anti-depression capsule). I have been on both for 5 years now. I no longer suffer from depression or anxiety. They also have helped my pulsatile tinnitus (heart beat sound in my right ear) go away for 80 to 90% of each day. I take 1 - 75 mg capsule of effexor each morning. I take 1/2 tablet of clonazepam in the morning (with coffee so I won't be drowsy) and 1/2 tablet before bedtime. I sleep really well, without bad dreams and I too wake up feeling rested.