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Anti-anxiety medicine helps restless legs syndrome. My mom has suffered for years with this and now takes clonazepam (2 tabs) before bedtime and she no longer suffers with restless legs. Clonazepam also helps you have a good nights sleep and wake up refreshed and rested.
I just read about the soap thing too on a board here called "Hi - I heard of a way to help with RLS". I emailed some people about it and I think it is worth trying. I'd try it if I had restless legs. My mom does get help with clonazepam as I mentioned, but I'm going to tell her about the soap therapy too. I surfed the net and found that a lot of people believe that it has helped them.
Ropinirole for that, it is a drug they use for Parkinson's disease, and there is no coralation. It seems to help people with RESTLESS LEG SYDROME. For my insomnia he prescribed