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Hello, I just turned forty this year and have had many sleepless nights for over 15 yrs. I have a Daughter who will be four soon, when she was born she had colic and was up all night and day. My Husband was over in Korea for a year when I had her. And I could never seem to relax and enjoy my baby, we moved from CA. to CO. My sleepless nights have recently become worse, the longest stretch have been going on eight days with about six hours of sleep.
Over six months ago I have tried to convey this to my primary care Doctor, and he prescribed me Remeron. Which did not seem to work for me, I went to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack in January. Which I had very high blood pressure, they admitted me. Next day said all test came back fine, a Doctor came into the room and talked to me. I told him I cannot sleep at night just lay there and look at the clock. He prescribed me abien 10 mg my insurance would only give me how the Doctor wrote it out 3 per week total of 12 pills. I would break them in half to make them last, half of one
did not work for me. Out of the pills and presciption I found myself taking unisom again would not work. The top it off I was getting weird sensations in my legs creepy feelings and I just wanted to keep moving them. I could not take another night of this with NO SLEEP. I looked up on the Internet sleep disorder clinics in Colorado Springs, made the call.
The referal went through had my apt. yesterday went through everything with the Doctor and how my Mother even has this, and maybe my Daughter.
He told me EXTREME INSOMNIA can run in families along with RESTLESS LEG SYDROME. Which he believes I have, he prescribed Ropinirole for that, it is a drug they use for Parkinson's disease, and there is no coralation. It seems to help people with RESTLESS LEG SYDROME. For my insomnia he prescribed
CLONAZEPAM 1MG, and that is used to help with Anxiety which does not help if you are trying to fall asleep. I has a good night sleep last night, and just want to say if you are TIRED OF BEING TIRED ALL THE TIME. And you don't feel you are getting anywhere with your primary care Doc. Find a sleep disorder clinic in your area make the call see if your insurance will cover it.
It was worth it to me, I thought I was doomed.

Lee Mary Harmon
:yawn: :)