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Quote from shoxx:
Hello fellow sufferers, I joined Health boards to learn about my hubby's cancer, but here it is 3am and again I'm not asleep(RLS). I'm happy to hear of someone who has tried Requip. I read about the side effects and falling asleep , even while driving , has been experienced. So, I suffer being afraid to try it. Has that happened to anyone you know of?
Sharon TX :rolleyes: PS How long have you been taking Requip, Iharmon37?

Hi I take it at night along with clonazepam it helps me sleep. I would not take it the daytime tho.
Are you saying that your Doctor put you on Neurontin/Carbidopa-Levadopa regimen for RLS and it does not make you sleepy? I am on a very low dose of Requip 0.25 mg I don't feel to drowsy on it alone only when I take the Clonazepam with it, because I also have sleep problems.