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My doctor put me on clonazepam aka klonopin for restless leg.This worked but I have to increse the amount I take as time passes.One thing I have learned is that antihistamines can cause restless leg or make it worse.If you are taking antihistamines and have restless leg try stopping the antihistimines and see what happens.THC is the best if taken befor bedtime,but you need to see your doctor and hope you live in the right state.If you think restless leg goes away while you sleep you are wrong.While being tested for restless leg,in a hospital setting I found out that I had 169 leg jerks durning the four hours I was asleep,69 of which woke me up,even though I was not aware of this.Now you know why you feel tired during the day!! Hope this helps someone,good luck. Vision :yawn:
Vision, I started out on Clonazepam for my RLS about a year ago. My dr. started me on .5 mg...and increased it to 1.0 mg. after awhile. When that wasn't doing enough, she added another med to take along with the C., because she told me she doesn't like to keep increasing Clonazepam. I'm not a dr. or nurse...just telling you what my dr. did. That combination still didn't stop the RLS, so she's changed to another med. to replace that 2nd one. We keep trying to find something that will help. I just posted in another thread about an interesting experience I had a couple of weeks ago, if you'd like to track that down! Good luck! :wave:
Ask to try requip id you have not already tried it. I think that it saved my life. I take 2mg at night. I started out much lower and increased it very slowly and only when deemed necessary. Then clonazepam only when I am haveing a really bad night or have suffered through a rough couple of sleepless night.
Regular exercise and a nightime routine seems to help me. Oh, and staying away from sweets at night helps also.