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I actually take clonazepam (1mg) before bed each night. I keep a couple in my purse if I do get VERY anxious during the day. I believe the clonazepam is the long acting variety of benzodiazipine and thus takes a bit longer to take effect. Is diazepam more like xanex?

I have considered splitting the dose and taking .5 mg at night and .5 in the morning to see if it will help.

I'd like to avoid the anxiety onset rather than taking something after I'm already in that state, but maybe .5 of clonazepam in the mornings would work? Guess I could try it.
Clonazepam (Klonopin) is probably the most potent of the benzodiazepines and best reserved for psychotics. Boy, that doctor is giving you the STRONG stuff...did your head spin around and your inner spirits make his desk jump around the room :D:D:!

The diazepam (Valium) is a lot more like Xanax. Both good antianxiety agents for the everyday fears...rather than the straitjacket variety :D!!

Remember, going off clonazepam requires weaning.