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Prescribed by my neurologist, I take Mirapex and clonazepam for RLS.

Mirapex works great for me. Fortunately, I have few RLS attacks on a relatively small dose (0.125 mg, twice a day).

For me, a side effect of Mirapex is chronic insomnia. Hence, the clonazepam (2 mg bedtime) helps me to sleep.

If I didn't take the clonazepam, I would not sleep much.
Thanks all for your comments.
I'm now on the Mirapex at night. Typically it makes me sleepy. I guess for some it make them stay awake....is this right?
I actually like how clonazepam made me tired & I got a full night of sleep every night.

I take .5mg clonazepam for rls as needed. Do not take it nightly. Seems to last a few days (long half life they say) with less effectiveness each night. I take it about 1/2 hour before I am going to bed if I feel like I am going to need it - I can usually tell - either actively having rls or legs just not relaxed, etc. Not sure if it makes me sleepy but I do sleep a lot better with it and do dream - which I had not remembered doing in years, so think am getting good sleep. I also have fm.