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LadyJ -- I see you are in Tom's River. I would recommend Michael Lospinuso, an orthopedic surgeon (spine specialist) who heads orthopedic institute of central jersey. He has an office in your town and I saw him in Red Bank. He was one of my many opinions and I thought he was great -- he did not recommend using my hip bone but in my case recommended a 360 fusion or PLIF. I was not a candidate for anything minimally invasive, but I will say that it is worth the consult to get an opinion from this guy. I saw him twice and he actually stopped talking and waited for me to calm down when I started to cry during the consult. He's a sweetheart and ultimately I did not go with him because he was out of network with my insurance company. I had to email my MRI reports to him before getting an appointment. Good luck!

Tammy/Carol -- I have no idea how far I walk around the house, but I keep it 1/2-3/4 of a mile when I leave the house. Doc doesn't want me on a treadmill yet, so its a good thing it's spring and I can walk outside! It sounds like all of us post-surgs here have had great support from hubbys and boyfriends (and each other!).

LJ/Cancerhead -- best of luck. Everyone handles stress and anxiety differently. A week before my surgery my pain doc gave me a drug for anxiety (clonazepam) in addition to the pain pills. I was really surprised he prescribed it (hadn't asked for it) but I took it a couple of times and it made me sleepy. Not a bad thing, considering how much pain I was in. Sleeping through the night was a good thing. Guided imagery sounds great, keeping busy if it helps, or crying to American Idol (lol!) Whatever works works. By the time I actually got to the hospital day of I wasn't as nervous as I had been before.

Have a good day all. It's raining cats and dogs by me so no nice walks in my near future today. Bah!