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Hi - This is my first post to this site, but I've been reading all the helpful experiences about RLS everyone has posted and intend to take that info and find that perfect remedy for myself.

I went to a new Dr. yesterday and asked for some Clonazepam since my mother has RLS also and it seems to work for her. Just one at bedtime. He said NO because it's a narcotic and highly addictive and then asked me if I'd heard of Mirapex? Never having been treated for RLS, of course I had not heard of it and was there for some relief after two years of suffering. At that time his nurse opened the door and asked to see him and he turned and said, we'll get you some help. A few minutes later, his nurse came back with a starter kit of Mirapex and the bill.

I left and when I got home I was amazed that it was actually for Parkinson's Disease and not for RLS. I started reading the pamphlet and to my amazement, there was absolutely nothing regarding RLS. I had to get on the internet just to find out if you could use it for RLS and found this forum.

I still can't believe that he NEVER instucted me on how to take it, but it seemed like some pretty heavy dosing for a Parkinson's patient. Therefore, reading all the entries on this forum has helped me to decide that I really shouldn't take it to the extreme that the box says for Parkinson's.

NOW THE REAL QUESTION! Since this was a free sample kit, and if it proves to really help me, just how much moo-la should I expect to pay for this medication? Of course, my intention is to find a more natural way as soon as possible, so that I don't need to even take the stuff!

Thanks everyone for your imput!