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[QUOTE=TVGI;2753629]I have started using CPAP and my daytime BP is very good (130/80 range). My doctor has started on Avapro 300 MG instead of Norvasc and I am also taking 12.5 Mg of HCTZ. I have excellent BP control with Norvasc except for really bad constipation. With Avapro the BP is good until 7 PM and then goes high 160/100! Anybody with better experience with any other CCBs. Any suggestions. Thanks

:wave: My mom takes verapamil for her bp along with clonidine .03. She also uses a lot of supplements to help with her bp. I wish I could say the verapamil was enough to lower her bp, ut it isn't. She is very sensitive to meds so she is limited in what she can take.