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I take Clonidine .01 2x's a day, Lisinopril 40mg 1x and now Feledipine 1x a day. My BP is way out of control again. I took a CBC tests and my bloodwork came back like this:

Protein 9.7 a bit high
Platelets 389. bit high
Sodium just a little bit high

Can an infection cause your BP to go up?
I've gone in with chronically high BP again. I hate these spikes. My BP at the docs for the past 2 visits has been 160/105 the first time was 180/111. They just prescribed feledipine and I've taken it the past 2 days. I've been kinda worried because when I exert myself, I feel as if I get pressure under my lower left rib cage. I'm afraid there is some sort of infection or something going on with me.

I have an appt. Fri. to see a gastro doc to do a colonoscopy. My mom passed away this past july with colon cancer and I'm hoping that I won't end up the same way. She had spike of BP all the time. So I'm of course worried about that too.

Everytime I go to the doctor they are surprised at how thin I am and still have this high BP. I don't drink, smoke, try to eat good (with of course some fast food once and a while) but otherwise try to keep on track. I haven't been walking as much lately because of being busy and also since the freeze here in Cali made it way too cold.

My average BP was always running high....around 140/95 was my average. So I don't know what to think anymore!!! I'm sick of this!!!

Do you have any side effects with any of these? The clonidine puts me to sleep, the feledipine so far gave me a mild headache, and the lisinopril of course gives me a little cough....nothing that is bothersome.
I'm on clonidine. It has the same effect on me. Today the doc just put me on a water pill. He wasn't happy with my numbers and so now I take 4 meds!!!! How crazy is that!!! I heard that nitro is best if there are no more meds that bring it down. I hope I don't have to resort to the last of the meds!