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Hi all,

Today was weird. I had BP averaging 160/98 all day. I decided not to take my felidopine unless my BP shot up. Well, at around noon, my BP went up to 160/105. So I took the felidopine. Then at around 5:00 I took my usual clonodine. Now my bp is 98/69!!! I am extremely sleepy.

I took the clonidine because my heart rate has been higher since I started the hctz and the felidopine. Should I cut back on one of these meds? Have any of you done this. How do you bring low pressure up? Any foods I can eat?
Wow!!! You are so much like me!!! I was so scared last night. My BP went really low 95/51. I stayed up eating chips!!! With SALT!!! I've been a total wreck the past week. This has happened two nights in a row. I noticed my pulse rate is up after I take the HCTZ. I was trying not to take my clonidine thinking that is the problem but because of the pulse rate I took it this afternoon again.....I know my BP will go really low again!!! I stopped taking the felidopine. So who knows....now I'm really weak and sleepy!!!

You're right....What to do!!!

I also cut my clonidine in 1/2 yesterday and it seemed to work very well. My problem is now my pulse is really high. Could the HCTZ be causing this? I thought clonodine and lisinopril slows heart rate down.