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I am 37 and have had high blood pressure for years. I take atenolol, norvasc and clonidine. I have tried lots of meds before. The thing is, we cannot get my pressure down. It stays about 180/130, and sometimes spikes to about 200/140. I do get pain down my shoulder/arm sometimes, both on the right and sometimes the left. I had an EKG and it was ok. I had a stress test 1 1/2yrs ago, then needed the test where they put the wire through to your heart, but was fine. About a year ago, I started getting a few dizzy spells. Then, 3weeks ago, I woke up and was very dizzy. WHen I got up, or even just turned my head to the left, I got so dizzy I almost passed out. It lasted a few hours. My bp spiked. Then it went away. I am at a loss of what to do. 3yrs ago I was in hospital. It took them a while to get my bp down, and when they did, it went down too far. The med they had given me gave me severe headaches though.

Also, even though my bp is so high, my heart seems ok, so I am not in danger, right? My cardiologist dismissed me because my heart seems ok, so there is nothing he can do for me...
High blood pressure puts you at a significantly greater risk to develop heart disease, and at significantly greater risk for stroke. It represents an increased workload for your heart. It is very good that your cardiologist reports that your heart is now in good shape.

I had some symptoms similar to yours, the dizziness was caused by low bp in conjunction with a carotid blockage. I had a carotid endarterectomy 3 weeks ago and have not had any BP "spikes" since, my baseline BP is high, but medication is now doing a reasonable job of controlling, I have reduced the clonidine down to once per day most days. I was taking a great deal of it prior to the surgery to control the "spikes".
I agree with the other person who said your pressure is too high, almost to the point of having a stroke. You must change doctors. You're much too young at 37 years old, please see someone else.

By the way, I also had very high pressure which resulted in my having a stroke 4 years ago at age 54.

Thank goodness my disabilities are almost back to 85%.

After trial and error for almost 4 months after the stroke they got me on the right meds. I take lisinopril, norvasc, atenenol and 12.5 mg HTZC dieuretic. They are all low doses. What my doctors did, is they split my doses in half, and have me taking half in the a.m. and the other half in the p.m.

Has been working great now for almost 4 years. I watch my diet and go to the gym 3 times a week. My pressure stays anywhere from 117-128/70-82
at any given time.

By the way, clonidine which I was given early on, is a fast acting pill to reduce the pressure quickly, but doesn't really stay with you all during the day. The doctors took me off clonidine pretty quickly.

Hope this helps and again I repeat, go to other doctors.
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