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Hi everyone:

I am presently taking Clonidine .1mg/5x's day. It is not controlling my bp so I am taking Altenol .25mg once a day. I have tried all the different classes of meds with horrible side effects and am trying a low dose of a beta one more time. Apparently this is the best med for me because my bp has been the best ever.

Since taking the altenol I have gained weight and have gotten terrible heartburn. It was hurting even when I swallowed my pills in the middle of my chest. I had a little before the altenol but now it is so bad I am on another drug, Protonik (PPI). Just what I needed another pill into the mix!

My dr does not believe the altenol is causing the heartburn and does not want to switch my meds again because I am doing so good. I started cutting my altenol in half and I have seen a difference. I'm sure if I tell my dr. this she will say the PPI meds have kicked in.

A girl that works with me has been on all the beta's and now is on Corgard (nadolol) and said she thinks this one is the best with the least side effects.

I know everybody is different but I wanted to know what everybody's opinion on this is. Is it worth the fight with my dr. to switch to the nadolol? Does anybody know if there is a big difference between the Altenol and the Nadolol?