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Hi I am new to the board, as well as new to the Lotrel 5/20. I have only been taking it for 4 days. My BP is the best it has been in years. When I went into the Dr it was 180/139. He was so afraid I was going to have a heart attach or stroke.I went to a new Dr. I had been taking Clonidine for years and then he switched me to Diovan HCT and the heartburn was horrible along with the fluid pill. It was to strong.
But since taking the Lotrel 5/20 my BP in 4 days has gone to 115/78 I am so pleased except for the itching. It is driving me crazy it is really bad on my feet? Any suggestions would be greatly apprecaited. I was given andther BP med and the heartburn was horrible. But I think the itching is horrible.
I have tried several things for itching and nothing is working. I would like to contine on with the new med and find something for the itching. Thanks in advance.