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Listen to Beth re: sleep. She knows where its at!!! My sleep was messed up by my initial thryoiditis problem & the by the b/p drug Clonidine. It is worth anything to get a good nights sleep. I also have acid refux so I have to go to extreme lengths to avoid that at night-its worth it. A cool room-for me 60 degrees for most people 68-72. I had the sleep study done too. One thing that has helped me a lot is taking a hot bath 3-4 hrs before bedtime. A shower will do too. The hot water heats up the body & then it cools down as the evening progresses to prepare one for sleep. Try getting everything done at least one hour before bedtime. Even brushing & flossing-a tip I learned from the sleep hygiene articles. So the last hour is reserved for whatever relaxes you. My study showed mild sleep apnea. The C-Pap reduced my systolic 10 points.
The key is getting a good fit for the mask. Fam