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Did the DR. give you a plan for stopping Lebetalol? You probably know this drug is a apha/beta blocker which can't just be stopped without another drug to take its place slowly stopping it. Are you on another b/p med? I believe you said you wern't going to take Diovan again. My Dr. told me just to stop Clonidine at one point without slowly going off of it. She thought I was on such a small dose that it didn't matter (also I was taking lebetalol & I think HCTZ at the time.) She was wrong. I got increased b/p & palpitations.

As far as meds causing acid reflux. My Heartburn/acid reflux books written by MD's say yes they can cause & aggravate acid reflux. Two beta blockers are listed. I don't
have my pkg insert handy but my PDR (drug book) lists dyspepsia as a possible side effect of Lebetalol.

My drug book also says you have to make sure other meds you're taking don't depend on gastric ph to be absorbed because Nexium will decrease ph of course.

It isn't easy being a patient is it? Glad I didn't have all this to contend with when I had 5 under 6 to care for.