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I've made the rounds on most classes of drugs. I'm here to tell you that you Clonidine has to be the worst as far as sleep goes to say nothing of the foggy head you might get. It is hard to stop & its a drug you have to keep taking more of for b/p until you reach a point of no return. It did very little for my b/p if anything (the side effects were so bad that I couldn't really tell). Lebetalol (apha/beta blocker) will put you to sleep to stay asleep if you don't have a spouse who has to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I'm on almost the max dose (900mg twice a day) you would only have to be on probably 200mg so you might not get the drowsy feeling in the AM. It has a lot of pluses & some minuses. Fam