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If you take both drugs at once & get side effects, how will you know which drug caused the problem?

I would start with HCTZ in a very small dose even cut the 1/4 tab in half. I did that when I was trying to get off Clonidine & was having withdrawal reactions. It was such a tiny pill.

It is so hard to know about potassium unless you do blood tests especially since you are taking two potassium sparing meds.

When my potassium is low, I get slightly nausated & my b/p goes down suddenly. Both of these symptoms are unusual for me. I can't remember the other symptoms that I experienced at the moment. But drinking orange juice & other high potassium foods took away the symptoms. This has happened twice as I said before because I hadn't been eating enough & was probably low on potassium. I haven't had any symptoms of low sodium that I know of.

Hope you are feeling better tomorrow.