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I am all for visualization... I didn't see the little fighters, but one never knows.

I was having a really rough time, my last BP was 179/142 HR 127, so I am not out of the rough time yet, but I was going stir crazy! :jester:

I just could not get past the nurse at my Cardio... I would call and tell them that my BP and HR were spiking out of control and when I would tell her my readings she would say "no it isn't", then tell me she would give a note to the Dr.... well, the Dr never saw a note! (suprise). I finally talked to my Dr and he called in a 'script for clonidine for when the numbers go nuts, so who knows... those fighters managed to get me past the nurse at least!

Want to know funny (fits in with your small soldiers)... this morning I was awakened by a pounding heart (170 bpm) so I watched TV... I was sitting there saying to myself that I needed a sign, should I even keep trying... then M*A*S*H comes on. In this episode Hawkeye's father is having surgery and Hawk is trying to get a phone call to him... but by the time a call goes through he is in surgery and the nurse tells him that his father is 'open' and they found a (drumroll) pheochromocytoma! I kinda took that as my sign... now... (ahem) I need to win the lottery.... (and the wait begins)