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Hi Hux,

My diastolic is always in the 50's. This am it is 130/52. I'm on a heavy dose of Lebetalol (apha/beta blocker) & HCTZ. I've been on several meds. It seems they all decrease the diastolic more than the systolic with the exception of Clonidine & Norvasc which have too many side effects. Hctz decreased my systolic some.

I don't get dizzy etc. unless my b/p decreases suddenly.
I think your lightheadness needs to be investigated. Fam
Hi Beth,

Were you taking other meds besides HCTZ? My HCTZ pkg. insert does list your symptoms as adverse effects. There are two anemia's also. Were you drinking enough fluid then? Dehydration & electrolyte depletion could have caused your symptoms too.

I learned with the beta blockers, Clonidine etc. to do any bath/shower activities before taking meds. My husband had to pull me out of the tub a few times which is hard since I was pretty much dead weight especially with Clonidine. I still have trouble from time to time-last week I felt very weak after a bath & took my b/p (120/48). And this was in the afternoon-many hrs since I took my meds. Now if I could stay in the tub all day I wouldn't have to take meds I guess :).

I tried caffeine again. This time my b/p flew up to 194/61 & I couldn't get to sleep. But boy did I feel good with all that caffeine ( from one coke). Guess I won't go back on the caffeine wagon any time soon.

I'm going to try to cut my HCTZ dose to 12.5mg-less potential side effects especially longterm.

One thing I learned from Dr. D in the newspaper is that most of us on diuretics get cloudy urine because the urates that are excreted in the urine. I kept thinking I must have a UTI but I didn't have it everyday. Knowledge really helps decrease worry.

I just prepared 20 pkg of mushrooms for the freezer last night. They were so delicious & cheap!!! I can't stomach canned mushrooms.

Next week is my Dr's appointment so I have a lot of homework to do. That report about beta blockers is going to take some studying. Hopefully my Dr. has read it. I may need to go to the University for some answers.

How is the job hunting? Have you been able to exercise at all? The humidity really is killing me when I'm outside. I just exercised inside today & felt quilty because I didn't take my dog for a walk. My husband took took her for a short walk & she ran in our huge fenced in yard. Oh, & we have gotten some tomatoes that were good. I'm going to a luncheon in a few wks to hear someone who has written a book on gardening. Better get to bed. Fam