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Peny, Peny, Peny,

What a story!!! Some Dr's must go to the same med school that says when all else fails fall back on the pschi diagnosis!!! Like going to the ER is just what we want to do when nothing is good on TV.

Glad you had another ER to go to-I would have to drive 2 hrs to find another one. Are you allowed to drink increased fluid to keep your b/p up? Were you are Clonidine everyday-if so be careful with withdrawal symptoms. I had such a hard time getting off that drug.

I was thinking of you last night as I was looking up all the hypertension books available-900 just at one bookstore. there was one just about pheo.

When I was hyperthyroid & taking inderal for my increased b/p, I went to a clinic to get a Rx for another b/p med cause inderal had caused a thick red rash on my neck. Well, by the time I filled out their very detailed history form my b/p had zoomed up to 180/90? The nurse got such a horrible look on her face & ran to get the DR. I wasn't having any other symptoms. He took my b/p too & told me to get in my car & run to the ER. He said he works part-time in the ER & that I might have a stroke.

They frightened me so much that I turned my car around & went home & went to bed. I figured if I was in such a bad state then they should get me to the ER. I was worried that the other staff at the ER would try to take my b/p down too fast & cause a stroke.

Another time I went to another Dr. to change meds(b/p). I was so weak & had so much pain from the swollen thyroid that I had to lie down on the bench in the waiting room until the Dr.could see me. He, too spend the first 15 min lecturing me because I had failed to get all the tests when I had seen him for the first time 6 months ago. I had told him that I didn't have the money to have all those tests done but that I would get them later when my health insurance kicked in. I hadn't been sick at the time. I got a few essential tests done, however.

Finally, my husband had had enough & told him to please just give me a Rx for another b/p med so I could get back home & into bed.

Guess what I got in the mail the following Sat? A registered letter from that Dr. firing me as a patient. I'm sure he didn't put the reg. letter I wrote him on his wall although it was polite.

Even when we are at our sickest it seems we still have to be ready to stand up for ourselves!!!

You'll be in our hearts & prayers. Hope you'll be able to make progress now that Cushings is a possible diagnosis.

Take care & stay out of Er's :) Fam