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With your eyes tearing, it almost sounds like you have an allergy to something in your bed?

The feather pillows deplete in size once your head is on the pillow so you aren't up so high. It is also important to have the shoulder's supported. At first, I positioned the pillows so that were on a slant-each a little lower. I should get back to that.

My sleep study Dr. was so much help in sorting out all my sleeping issues. He was the one that said that I had to get off of Clonidine & had some studies to back it up. He wrote a note to my PCP as she did not want me off of it.

I read or hear someone say that sleeping well helps prevent us from waking up to go to the bathroom. We just sleep through it. The kidneys are supposed to concentrate urine at night so it should be darker.

Dr. Northrup said that even one cup of coffee in the AM can cause some people to have trouble sleeping.

I tried going shopping later about 2pm after napping etc & taking my meds. I didn't feel so tired after 4hrs of shopping. Of course, it wasn't as hot outside (60 degrees) but it was in the stores. I don't like contending with all the people though but it sure is great not to have the tireness.

If you ever run out of facial creams, you might want to try crisco. In my 30's, I started using creams but found they all irritated my skin. Saw a program about the effects of aging with a 100 yr old lady with beautiful skin. Crisco is what she used. I always get compliments on my skin so I guess it works.

I hope you can get some rest this weekend.